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BEST BLUETOOTH EARBUDS Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, ANC In-Ear Detection Headphones, IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.2 Stereo Earphones, Immersive Sound Premium Deep Bass Headset, Black

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds Active Noise Cancelling

  • Active Noise Cancelling:

It keeps out the high-frequency sound waves by creating a barrier between the ear and the external environment. An additional layer of protection is provided by the ear bods to reduce the low-frequency waves too. No need to turn the volume up in public places! The ANC label ensures that you are only cancelling out unwanted sound.

  • In-Ear Detection:

No more hassle of pausing and playing songs again and again if you need to take out the ear bods. These air bods can sense when you are wearing them or not. Once you set them, answering calls. Also pausing and playing audio and adjusting the cancellation of noise can managed by just taking out or inserting the ear bod.

  • Automatic Pairing:

Just by taking out two headsets you can connect them a.k.a they connect automatically. All you need to do is enable the option of Bluetooth connection on the mobile and you are good to go!

  • IPX6 Waterproof:

Afraid of sweat and water? Don’t be! The Best Bluetooth Earbuds is this IPX6 waterproof feature protects them from damage from drops of sweat and rain. So, you can wear them comfortably during your morning jog or at the gym.

  • All-time Charging:

Once charge lasts for around 8 hours if used continuously and 32 hours if it not used. No cables are needed for charging. Also the black color and sleek design make it a hit for all age groups.