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Dual Wireless Charger & Power Bank for Phone, Laptop – Compact & Portable Fast Charging

  • Simultaneous Charging
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Best Material
  • The capacity of the Battery
  • LED indicator

Additional information

Dual Wireless Charger & Power Bank for Phone, Laptop

  • Simultaneous Charging:

No more fighting over which power bank to buy? Now, Apple and Android users can both benefit from the dual wireless charger and power bank. Charge both on the go with this power bank. Not only cell phones, but you also can charge laptops, ipads, tablets etc with it. The fast charging feature allows to charge the battery faster and optimizes it too.

  • Pocket-Friendly:

Weighing a mere 266grams, it is lightweight and compact. So much so, it can fit into your jeans pocket without any hassle. Don’t let the compactness of the design fool you. It boasts multiple features which make it the perfect choice to take along on business trips and hangouts with friends. Use it in the car anywhere you go!

  • Best Material:

It is made with the best material. It has a USB-A-port, USB-C port and built-in cables to charge anything you want. Best of all, it comes with a built-in adaptor that is multifunctional and compatible with the charging needs and requirements of different countries. The phone holder is an excellent addition. Watching the phone while charging has never been easier with the phone holder.

  • The capacity of the Battery:

It has a battery capacity of 15000 Milliamp Hours. This allows you to charge your laptop and phone more than once in the same charging. The voltage it uses is compatible with different countries around the world, making it travel-friendly.

  • LED indicator:

The digital screen shows you how much battery is left from 0-100%. The LED indicator shows when it is time to charge it! The package comes with a user manual and a charger.