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World Best Travel Adapter Kit by QC 3.0 2 USB + 2 US Outlets, Surge Protection, Plugs for Europe, UK, China, Australia, Japan - Perfect for Laptop

Brand: Ceptics
Color: White
Item Dimensions: LxWxH 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Plug Format: Type C

Additional information

World Best Travel Adapter Kit by QC 3.0 2 USB + 2 US Outlets

  • 5 in 1:

Charge 5 devices at the same time with this Travel Adapter Kit. It comes with a Micro USB cable, 2 USB and 2 USA outlets with 3.0 quick charge. This makes it compatible with laptops, cameras, cell phones, tablets and so much more. The maximum capacity you can charge is 3.6 A. It is compatible with switches all over the world and you don’t need to look around for switches in hotel rooms.

  • Your Travel Partner:

It has been designed especially for travelling. This means it comes in a very compact design and easy to carry dimensions. It measures 2. 75″ X 3. 75″ X 1. 5″, making it easy to carry along in your hand-carry or backpack. It hardly weighs 5 ounces and comes with a smart pouch to carry along anywhere you want to go!

  • Protected:

No more damaged electronics because of power surges. It has a built-in surge protection option that saves the devices from excessive current. The LED display indicated conversion of voltage (220V or 110V) If both the LEDs are on, it means it is operating at 220V and if only one is on, it means it is operating at 110V.

  • International Adapters:

There are 5 Best international adapters included in the packaging. Type G, C, B, E/F/ a and type I. This makes it usable in the Middle East, China, Africa, Japan, most parts of Australia, Europe, China etc.

  • 2-Year Warranty:

It has a limited 2-year warranty in case of any issues. It does not work for 110V machines like hair dryers, hair clippers, curling irons etc.

  • Equipped with 2 USA outlets, 2 USB (3. 6A) with Quick Charge 3. 0 & Micro USB cable –

Perfect for travel – use with cell phones, laptops & other devices anywhere in the world – Few Exceptions Listed below

  • Designed by a Traveler and perfected for a Traveler –

Ultra compact Size measuring 2. 75″ X 3. 75″ X 1. 5″ & weighs less than 5 oz. – Travel Pouch included – Fast Charge Quick Charge compatible devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Tablets and More

  • Built-in surge protection –

protect your high end electronics from harmful voltage surges and spikes. Voltage indicator LEDs (110V or 220V) – one LED illuminates to indicate 110V in the outlets or both LEDs will illuminate to indicate 220V. Note: This is not a voltage converter

  • Includes 6 types of international adapters –

AE (Type C) UK (Type G), US (Type B), AU (Type I), au (Type E/F), JP (Type a) plugs compatible with outlets in North America, United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, Japan, parts of Africa, Middle East, Asia, China, and more. Other SWADAPT attachments sold separately